Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Faves!

Hey everyone!
After a lazy day of lounging around with the boyfriend, in a not-so-spectacular outfit, I felt compelled to share and critique some of my fave products (and a few trends) for you. Test them out!

1) Method Bloq Body Lotion in Water Flower (the white bottle - er, block)

I love this because I can feel good about using it. It provides lots of moisturization due to being olive oil enriched, plus it's 98% naturally derived with no parabens - can you beat that? Also, it's not greasy at all. I just wish they could fit more into that cool container! But I guess for about $4, I can deal with getting some more.

2) Surf Hair, Garnier Fructis

This product is nothing short of amazing. Just scrunch a little in damp hair and voila, instant beach waves! It honestly looks like you just stepped off the beach. The only thing I don't like is the texture it has on your hair, it's a little weird.

3) Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (Tube)

This lip gloss is so yummy! I have about ... 6? They're all I use now. They come in so many flavors and colors that you don't really need any other kind. Also, they're not bulky, so they can fit in any pocket of your bag. They're also a good price, about $7 I think. The only thing I dislike is how I spend all my money on these addicting lippies!

4) Red Flats

Pointed, round-toe, squash heel, I don't care - red flats can make any outfit pop. I love them paired with slightly mismatched colors, like yellow or purple. Watch out for green - Christmas Tree is not the look you want to go for (I'd also love to give a shout-out to moccasins here, they are just the sweetest and most comfortable things, I love mine!).

5) Animal Prints

(Shown here: a Kate Spade Stevie bag) I won't lie - I used to think leopard print was so trashy and, well, the opposite of all things fashionable. But within the past year or so, I have seen so many leopard-print pieces stealthily make their way into my closet, mainly in the form of bags; totes, purses, clutches... I just can't seem to get enough. I'm currently on the hunt for a larger sack style for next year. I also love animal-inspired shoes, and even tees and sweaters! Am I a lost fashion cause? I hope not, because I could not bear to part with these bold prints. Other prints I love: zebra, tiger, cow.


Marilyn Hayward said...

We have a lot of the same faves...therefore, I like!!

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice list. I've been looking for a pair of red flats myself.


Garnier Fructis makes the best conditioners in my opinion. :)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow!!i love the red flat!!to get the attention wear red!

red alert!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love the red flats! I have one but they have tiny kitten heels...And a patent red bag too.

I love animal prints as well!!

I would have to agree with Beauty Rush from VS.. mine stays on for a long-long time...I only have the vanilla flavored glittery-white one, but plan to buy more when I go back to the US soon :-)

Love your blog!! Keep the posts coming!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love red flats and leopard print. I always get teased horribly when I wear leopard print, which I think is slightly hilarious considering all the other nonesense I wear!


thanks for your comment. yes the dress is reasonably priced. I figure why not sell it since I have two?

NewYorkChique said...

wow the flats are great.
haha and the lip gloss looks good too
wanna link? =]

karla said...

love the vanilla fringe scarf!

Sharifa said...

i love the red flats& you're right the v.s lip gloss is addictive & it smells and looks great

cute blog<3